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Dark of the Night

Henley Stark is no angel, but she is a survivor.

When Henley’s witch coven disowned her for the vampiric tendencies she inherited from her father, desperation drove Henley to Amos, a vampire loan shark. Working with vampires was never her dream job. However, as long as the work put food on the table and a roof over her head, Henley followed the orders given her.

Working with Alex Davenport, a vampire Elder, wasn’t on her wish list either. Henley can’t decide if his sneer is because he has to work with a halfbreed vampire-witch or because that halfbreed is his mate. Either way, there’s a job to do and it’s Henley’s chance to prove herself.

Henley’s been given the job every vampire wants: to work side by side with an Elder and be noticed by him. Will the attempts to sidetrack the mission find her back on louse patrol or will she end up dead? Can she prove to Alex, and to herself, that she’s worth more than everyone thinks?


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The Diner 2

Step into The Diner and enter into a world where nothing is as it seems. Enjoy a hot mug of coffee while you chat with a rakshasa as a black cat passes by. 

The Diner, a place where food is served with a side of supernatural. A place hidden from human sight, where you’ll discover witches and druids, salamander fae, and even raven shifter witches.

Join the supernaturals in The Club, where the drinks are unusual, the hellhounds come hot, and the reapers keep a watchful eye.

Step into The Diner if you dare.


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