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Next Release: Blood and Dust

Releasing June 30th

Even the villain will do the right thing…for the wrong reason.

Vampires are driven by blood, and Gabriel Zach is no exception. In over one hundred years, he’s never smelled anything as divine and exquisite as the blood of vampire hunter, Lennon Stewart. And he’s never met anyone who drives his lust through the roof quite like her.

But Gabe isn’t the only monster who’s attracted to Lennon’s scent. An attack by a mysterious monster leaves the hunter in the arms of her worst enemy: Gabriel, the vampire stalking her. If he’s not strong enough, he’ll devour her before he’s ready.

Lennon’s job is to kill monsters, but Gabe’s job is to keep her alive, if only for selfish purposes. At the end of the day, will both make it to sunrise alive?


Latest Release!

Hearts and Hijinks is a Valentine’s Day anthology. The proceeds of this anthology are being donated to charity.

Love is in the air. It’s the time for wine, chocolate, and candy hearts. Unfortunately, it’s also time for the supernatural to rise to distract and torment lovers. The ladies are back, still writing, laughing, and daydreaming and the shenanigans continue in this Valentine’s Day themed anthology.

Flicker of Fate by Melanie Gilbert

Life has finally returned to normal for Quibly Parker. Aside from the intense dreams of death she’s been having and the return of the unseelie Fae, MacKay. When he barges back into her life, Quibly knows things aren’t as normal as she’d like. With her trusted candles in tow, Quibly knows she’ll need them to make it through Valentine’s Day.


NYE Anthology

Midnight Kisses and Calamities is a compilation of holiday/New Year’s themed urban fantasy short stories ranging from the sweet to the absurd written by ladies who spend a lot of time daydreaming and laughing.

The proceeds from Midnight Kisses and Calamities is being donated to charity.

Countdown to Flames by Melanie Gilbert

A break in at her shop? Magical stolen candles? An unseelie Fae thief? Quibly Parker has had better days. NYE is supposed to be a night for parties, but now Quibly has no choice but to stop this thief from performing his evil deeds.


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