Blood and Magic

Blood and Dust

Even the villain will do the right thing…for the wrong reason.

Vampires are driven by blood, and Gabriel Zach is no exception. In over one hundred years, he’s never smelled anything as divine and exquisite as the blood of vampire hunter, Lennon Stewart. And he’s never met anyone who drives his lust through the roof quite like her.

But Gabe isn’t the only monster who’s attracted to Lennon’s scent. An attack by a mysterious monster leaves the hunter in the arms of her worst enemy: Gabriel, the vampire stalking her. If he’s not strong enough, he’ll devour her before he’s ready.

Lennon’s job is to kill monsters, but Gabe’s job is to keep her alive, if only for selfish purposes. At the end of the day, will both make it to sunrise alive?

Bites and Bonds

Once you choose, there’s no going back.

Gabriel Zach’s villainous past comes back to bite him with the arrival of a hunter intent on dusting him. Fearful for his life, Gabe makes a hard decision: stay home. But seclusion means no blood, no women, and no Lennon Stewart.

Gabe’s world deteriorates further when Lennon shows up on his front doorstep, covered in blood. With Berkley Stewart on board, Gabe and Easton begin to hunt down the monster responsible. Only, once bitten, there’s no changing fate.

Lennon is dying and the clock is ticking. Will magic be enough to save her or will Gabe need to drink his favorite hunter dry to save the huntress from a fate worse than death?

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