The Fae Brothers’ Ever Afters Series

This is a series of five fairytale retellings beginning with Midnight: A Cinderella Retelling. Each book focuses on a different Danville brother, five adopted siblings with Fae heritage. The brothers were born with Destiny marks, and need to find their Fae Princess who wears a corresponding crest on a necklace. It should be easy, one would think, but the five clans have been destroyed by the witches on Earth. The series follows the brothers as one by one, Fate guides the Hound, the Gargoyle, the Fae, the Elf, and the Mage to their Destinies.


The Lanshay sextuplets are bad boy elemental assassins with an ego problem. When their next job (a protection detail for a governor and his family) goes sideways, they’ll begin to realize that duty isn’t everything and their family has some pretty dark secrets.

Love is the most powerful weapon in the world, but can it save the former assassins from a creature so dark he’s been imprisoned for millennia?


By the age of nineteen, Ryske thought he’d be long gone from his pack in North Carolina. As an arctic wolf shifter in a pack of red wolves, he’s an outcast. When he finds himself thrown into a portal to another world, he’s in way over his head.

In a world where wolves once roamed with other shifters and mages, he competes to claim the princess’s hand, making him instant enemies with Dirk, a lion shifter. But what choice does Ryske have other than to fight for the princess when a wolf, not a lion, is destined to be crowned Alpha King?

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