The Curse of Thorn

The only thing Abigail Donovan wants in life is to escape her grandmother and magic. Is that too much to ask? When Abby inherits a house from a great aunt she never knew, she takes the opportunity and runs with it.

However, Abby’s attempt to escape magic and all things witches doesn’t take her far. Not only is the house plagued with magical residue, but Abby’s not the only witch in town. Oh, and there’s a ghost in her new house. His name is Thorn Alexander.

As Abby’s friendship with Thorn grows and evil comes knocking at her door, Abby is torn. If she wants to save Thorn, she’ll have to use magic. If Abby uses magic, she’ll tie herself to a new coven. Only one of them can be free in the end.

Magic, curses, and a love beyond time all contained in one haunted house Abby never expected to inherit.

Of Fishes and Wishes

The Diner: a place where supernaturals can exist without glamours and judgment

Zale, a merman, is employed at The Diner as a bus boy. His unexpected discovery of an old, gold coin on the seat of a booth could change his world with just a wish.

Enslaved for millennia, all Venice wants is freedom to make her own path. As a genie, she must bend to the will of her master, though she’s never had one quite as unique as Zale.

To find the freedom they both desire, Zale and Venice must keep their heads down. Wicked beings have a way of finding the coin even when it’s hidden from the world. If the merman isn’t careful, he could end up losing both his genie and his life.

Alpha King

By the age of nineteen, Ryske thought he’d be long gone from his pack in North Carolina. As an arctic wolf shifter in a pack of red wolves, he’s an outcast. When he finds himself thrown into a portal to another world, he’s in way over his head.

In a world where wolves once roamed with other shifters and mages, he competes to claim the princess’s hand, making him instant enemies with Dirk, a lion shifter. But what choice does Ryske have other than to fight for the princess when a wolf, not a lion, is destined to be crowned Alpha King?

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