The Elementals Series

The war between the Light and Dark has raged for centuries on the continent of Loath. Commander Carmon Lanshay and his five brothers are the best assassins the Light have, so when a Governor and his family are threatened, he and his brothers are sent to bring them to safety.

Immediately, their mission takes a turn for the worse, and Carmon discovers that he will do pretty much anything to make it succeed, even if he has to die protecting the Governor’s oldest daughter, Sylee. On the other hand, Sylee would rather fight for herself than let her arrogant Commander treat her and her family with such callousness. 

With danger lurking around every corner, Carmon and Sylee will have to learn to trust, and rely on, each other to save her family, and their world.

Captain Drew Lanshay wants nothing to do with a mate, but when he starts seeing a beautiful red head in dreams while on a job with his brothers, he decides she might be beautiful enough to change his mind.

Jasmine is unlike any mate Drew would have chosen. She’s obstinate, fiery, and won’t back down from a fight. She also brings a multitude of trouble with her from vampire challenges to haughty elementals.

When the Vampire Overlord, leader of the vampires, sets his sights on having Jasmine, it will take all the strength Drew has to keep Jasmine safe, but what happens if he fails? And can the Lanshay brothers keep the ever strengthening Mindolin in his prison?

Captain Dalton Lanshay is positive of one thing in his life: his love for Lieutenant Grace Bishop. He’s determined to win her over, even with the competition given to him by his brother, Chris. When Leo, the Fire elemental, requires Dalton and Grace to spend an undetermined amount of time together, Dalton thinks it’s his chance to win her heart.

Grace Bishop is a self-proclaimed bachelorette who likes to have a good time. Captain Lanshay being dropped in her lap: not a good time. The weak Captain has been suffering from nightmares for weeks and has now intruded on her vacation, even if it is against his will.

As the Mindolin continues to grow in strength, Dalton and Grace are sent to stop an alliance between their enemies, the Dark and the demons. But since it’s the Fire elemental handing out the job, there’s bound to be pain involved. After all, Fire and Air are a deadly combination.

Captain Christopher Lanshay’s favorite pastime is making jokes and being a nuisance to his brothers when they are too grumpy. When the Mindolin attacks Bard’s Forest, separating Chris from his family, the young warrior’s happy nature is put to the test.

Sophie Decoya was born to be Chris’ enemy. When the Captain saves her from the Forest, she intends to repay the favor. However, when one turn of events leads to another, the two find themselves in Dark territory and Sophie finds herself helpless to help the man who saved her.

Hope and time are a limited commodity if Chris and Sophie want to escape the fates that have been laid out before them. The Mindolin is on the rise. Can the Lanshays unite in time to take him down?

Captain, and healer, Jeff Lanshay is afraid of one thing, and one thing only: Harbor Witches. When his brother, Commander Carmon Lanshay, asks him to protect the Warlock, Nathaniel Turnclaw, leader of the Harbor Witches, and Tessa, Nate’s adopted daughter, Jeff can’t refuse him.

Tessa Carver hates Jeff, his brothers, and everything they stand for. While she wants the treaty meeting to go off without a hitch to save their world, she has plans for the Lanshay brothers. Plans that start with Jeff, until she learns a fact that will rock both of their worlds.

Time is up. The Mindolin will be freed and there’s still a traitor on the Light Council. Can a Witch bent on revenge work with the man she hates to save their world, or is the continent of Loath doomed for destruction if Jeff can’t convince Tessa he’s not the murderer she thinks he is?

Lieutenant Adam Lanshay’s world has been flipped upside down. The Mindolin has been released, his brother has been captured by their enemy, and he’s been keeping a secret for years that still needs protecting. On top of it all, Adam needs a mate.

Brynn is a Neutral. She can’t throw a punch and is afraid of her own shadow. Of all the women in the world, she is not the one Adam needs by his side. But, when Adam is kidnapped after their bonding, Brynn will have to find a way to survive in the new world she’s been dropped into.

The Mindolin is free. Terror is reigning down on the people of Loath in the form of monstrous creatures and dark secrets. Adam has one chance to save his people. If he fails, he’ll lose everyone he loves.

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