The Fae Brothers' Ever Afters Series

If you were thrown into a war between a Fae clan and a witch coven, would you be able to uncover the truth before the stroke of Midnight?

Nova Kramer blames herself for the death of her mother and sister—so does her father. When he moves them to Danville City to escape the reminders of what they lost, Nova is thrown right back into a world full of anxiety when their new neighbor, Stella, and her twin brothers make it their mission to bring Nova to her knees—after all, they know her secret—and blackmail is just the start.

Kent Danville and his brothers have a secret, too—their clan is working to take down a coven of witches and find the other five clans of Fae, but when Nova walks into his life, the Fae can’t seem to stop thinking about her. He can’t risk falling for the new girl—he has a soulmate out there somewhere, and a mission to complete…if the coven doesn’t kill him first.

A war is brewing between the coven and the clan—each side a little less human than the other—and Nova may get caught in the crossfire if she can’t discover the truth before the clock strikes Midnight.

If you were forced to live with a beast, could you learn to love him, even if there was no cure to his curse?

Harper Viceroy’s childhood guardian has lost every penny to her name. When another of his bad decisions lands Harper in the mansion of a hideous creature and his inhuman family, she quickly learns her real father had kept her identity a secret from her.

Blake Danville, a gargoyle-Fae, has returned home to find his family has been placed under a powerful enchantment, leaving two of his brothers under a spell only he can break. Now, he must choose between freeing his family from their mind-altering enchantment or protect the soulmate he’s only just discovered.

The witches are back and ready to destroy! Can Harper break the enchantment before it’s too late for Blake?

If everything you were taught turned out to be a lie, could you trust the man you’ve been told to fear?

Eden Cato is a Fae raised by her enemy–witches. They’ve concealed her in a skyscraper to protect her. There she stays without argument until a gorgeous, male Fae climbs her hair.

Val Danville sees a building where it doesn’t belong, a building no one else can see. The last thing he expects is to find a blonde-haired beauty waiting for him at the top.

When Eden’s world comes crashing down around her, the lies she’s been fed exposed, the only person she has to turn to is Val. Can he help her escape the clutches of the coven, or will she find her demise at the hands of those she thought cared for her?

If family turns their back on you, who can you trust?

Avery Lomax is the next in line to lead her Fae clan. When her life is threatened in Danville City, Avery is forced to seek refuge in the home of Rafe Danville. What’s worse, Rafe is Avery’s Destiny, but he’s also her enemy.

Rafe Danville is struggling with his emotions, something an elf never does. Not only is he about to take his place as CEO of Danville Corp, but he has been given charge over seven children. Meeting his Destiny, a woman who hates him, is just the icing on the cake.

The witches have taken on a Fae ally. If Rafe and Avery cannot put the past behind them, they may lose their future.

What would you trade to save those you love?

Sloan Mercer is a teenage Princess who works two jobs, runs a broken clan, and has no hope of things changing. When witches attack, Sloan is approached by a mysterious man. With a deal, he can help her.

Del Danville is haunted by witches in his nightmares as well as his waking hours. Meeting Sloan is both the best and worst day of his life. As guilt and fear eat at him, Del learns the power of forgiveness from an unlikely source.

The witches have new allies and the time for revenge has come. Will the Danvilles and their new allies be strong enough to stop their most powerful enemy yet?

Come make a deal with the last Princess in the Fae Brothers’ Ever Afters series!

If the path becomes lost, can you find your way home?

Pierre Danville is the reluctant heir to the Danville clan of Fae. As if that’s not bad enough, Fate has chosen his future bride for him, and Pierre’s not impressed. All he wants is freedom to choose his Destiny.

Petrina envies her friends who marry for love and are properly courted by their Fae men. Instead of courting, Petrina and Pierre are forced into the woods where they can be alone and work out their problems.

A witch is at work in the Danville Forest. Her prize is a young Danville heir with his Destiny. If Pierre and Petrina don’t work together, it could spell the end for the Danvilles.

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